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Welcome to Good Pals Reborn

We are a new guild on the Everquest progression server, Fippy Darkpaw.

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Guild News

The Future of the Bacon

Parawulf, Aug 3, 11 12:17 AM.

Please make all the effort you can to be on tomorrow night, August 3.
Some great works are in store for all of us. Log on and make your way to The Common Lands.


Grats on lvl 50+

Parawulf, Jul 9, 11 2:23 PM.
GPR News Flash

Special Congrats to Dist, Kfour, Kohh, Ezzelien, Muidas, Nenpus, Gyros, and Noobb on reaching level 50!


Parawulf, Jun 28, 11 10:05 AM.
GPR News Flash

We reached our goal of 50 members last week. The new goal is 100! We can do this, but its not gonna be as easy as the first 50. We have more targeted classes to recruit and higher-levels.

What is that gonna mean for recruits?
Friends are always welcome, but outside of the chat box:
Most of us our mid-level and moving quickly into mid-high-level. Recruits need to be too.
Most of us (and I do mean to brag about our crew) have skills. We can multi-task in groups, are on point, are quick to think and act with a high percentage of correct actions. Recruits need these talents too.
Most of us want to experience more content. Recruits need this desire too.
All of us are fun to play with - like crispy bacon dolls. Where did they touch you? Point to it on the doll... /points to the bacon. Yes. Did you tip them? Yes, 20pp.

Go forth and pwn.

Surnames for Good Pals

Parawulf, Jun 15, 11 2:22 PM.
GPR News Flash

Congratulations to Doggie, Rottn, Drixis, Speefy, Shrubs, Nedd, Makeena and myself (Paraheal) on lvl 20 and our new surnames!

Now do they all have something to do with Bacon?

New Guild for Fippy Server

Parawulf, Jun 10, 11 7:14 PM.

The Fippy Darkpaw newb guild Good Pals Reborn is born.
The guild was created by a group of RL friends who wanted to pass some time online again. They logged in only to find the world enormous and overwhelming. The bacon was hard to find.
"I miss the old times," said Woodmon, the old druid turned Berserker.
Everyone agreed.
Tegluas, a mighty ranger of Lany's found solace on the progressions server, Flippy Darkpaw and enticed his friends to make new characters there with promises of more bacon.

The adventure began, again.

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